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This episode is about a man with an appetite. He eats everything from eels, metal, and even'll laugh till you cry when you hear his story. You can find us on Facebook in the link below...
This week we talk about some lucky individuals, some exciting news about our podcast, and near death experiences. Leave us a review on iTunes and make sure to check out our Facebook page @ Carpool Shenanigans ,, &
Today we uncover some unknown dark secrets about a pioneer in animation...let's get weird.
We cover a few hilarious short stories from 2018. A few mindblowing and some just weird hop in and join the commute with Carpool Shenanigans!
We talk about unsolved mysteries in the U.S....Let's get weird. Source:
Today we talk about "The Count" a.k.a. the greatest con man ever...we also talk abit about ourselves with wacky interview style questions! Source: Wikipedia
We talk about a hot topic (The Corona virus) and the crazy conspiracy theories surrounding its orgins!!! Let us know what you think, find us in Facebook @Carpool Shenanigans Source: Wikipedia
We cover a fan submitted story, the fan does want to remain anonymous (you will see why haha)!!! We are going to try and record twice a week to give our listeners more content hope you enjoy.
Our first guest of the podcast, and we switch spots as host and Co-Host to face the Viking Hoarde! Source:
We talk about Zeus and what the movies didnt show you.
Today we cover some fun facts you've probably never dreamed of...
We enjoy the biography of Audi Murphy a man known for going above and beyond for his nation!!!
We go through another top 10, this time the best places to work in the U.S. Make sure to listen to our bonus segment where Mitch has a surprise!!!
Zombie apocalypse, trojan condoms, and podcast? Find out how all these connect in this episode of Carpool Shenanigans!!!
This week we cover the top Fetishes that some of you may or may not have heard of, from the better known to the bizarre!!! Find us on anchor, twitter @Carpool Shenanigans, Apple podcast, Spotify, etc.
Today on Carpool Shenanigans we talk about the 10 most absurd state laws in the United states in a unique and comical way. You won't want to miss this one!!! Please send us your ideas on a topic for next week via Anchor voice message.

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